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Be Reminded to Focus With attentliTMADHD Timer App

Attentli is a timer app that reminds you to focus on your task as it runs. Through the use of regular reminders, Attentli’s goal is to prompt a refocus of your mind and efforts to your desired task. Let Attentli help reduce distraction time in lectures, meetings, while cleaning, cooking, and more. 

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How it Works

Reminder apps, alarm apps, and timer apps are commonly used to assist with staying focused and task completion. However, individuals with attention differences, such as ADHD, may find these apps less effective. Although these apps can provide initial momentum, they may not provide sufficient accountability for staying focused and completing the task at hand. In combination with a timer, Attentli gives users regular reminders to prompt a refocus their minds and efforts on the task at hand.

"Attentli works like a teacher telling you to pay attention in class except you are in control of when the "teacher" tells you to pay attention."
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Allison Nance
Attentli Designer


Count Up Timer

Opt for the count-up timer in situations like attending meetings, lectures, religious services, or while working on tasks with an unknown duration. The count-up timer function enables you to start the timer at zero and continues to run until you press stop.

count up settings and timer

Count Down Timer

When you want to time block, the count down timer allows you to set the timer for a specific duration. This feature is helpful when you have limited time to complete a task and want to ensure that you don't lose track of time.

Customize Reminders and Sounds

From frequencies of 1 to 45 minutes, Premium users can customize how often they want reminders. Premium users also have access to a sound library to select their sounds for reminders and end timer.





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Photo of Allison Nance


I’m Allison Nance (Availta, LLC) the designer of Attentli. As a neurodivergent person, I saw a gap in the marketplace for apps geared toward those with certain challenges. By subscribing to Attentli, you will directly be contributing to my ability as a single person company to keep improving and updating the app. I hope to continue this mission into the future bringing this and other apps to the marketplace. Thank you for your support. 

Available Now

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